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Is the Cost of Living Truly Cheaper in the Country?

Discover the truth behind the common belief that living in the countryside, like Kemptville, is more affordable than in bustling cities.

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For years, it’s been a prevalent assumption that living in rural areas, such as Kemptville, is cheaper than residing in bustling urbanized cities. Suppose you’ve been considering a move to escape the city’s hustle and bustle and have been lured by the siren song of low-cost rural life, with idyllic pastoral scenes and tranquil living. In that case, there are several factors to take into account. It’s time to debunk the myth: is the cost of living truly cheaper in the country?

Housing is more affordable

When considering the city versus the country’s cost of living, housing likely comes first. Yes, when it comes to housing, it’s generally much cheaper out in the country. Kemptville, for instance, offers spectacular homes that would cost substantially less than a comparable property in the heart of a bustling metropolis. At first glance, rural living seems like the more budget-friendly choice.

However, living in the countryside has hidden costs that can offset the advantage of affordable housing. The preconception that country life is significantly cheaper than city living may only partially be accurate when you factor in costs such as transport, access to amenities, food prices, and utilities.


A significant factor to consider is the transportation cost. Living in rural settings like Kemptville, you may need to drive more due to distances between amenities, workplaces, or schools. These costs can quickly stack up, especially when you factor in car maintenance, insurance, and gas prices. In contrast, city living often means shorter commutes, access to public transport, and, in many cases, the ability to walk or cycle to many locations, saving costs and promoting a healthier lifestyle.


Access to amenities is another crucial difference between city and country living. While large cities often offer many options for dining, shopping, entertainment, and healthcare, rural towns may have far fewer choices, and these can often come with a higher price tag. Sometimes, the only supermarket nearby or the only mechanic in the city may need to be more motivated to keep prices competitive, increasing living costs.

While it’s true that country life often means fresher foods and produce due to proximity to farms, it doesn’t necessarily equate to cheaper food. Depending on where you choose to set up your country life, accessibility to larger grocery stores might not be as handy as in the city, and a lack of competition can also drive up prices.


Also, utility costs in rural areas, like Kemptville, could be higher than in the city due to limited infrastructure, and you may face additional costs if you need to install services like satellite TV or internet.

In essence, while the cost of housing tends to be lower in rural settings, other aspects of living might not necessarily follow suit. Therefore, before committing to a country move, it’s essential to consider the whole picture rather than focusing solely on housing costs.

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The idea that country living is undeniably and universally cheaper is a myth. While lower housing prices can be a luring drawcard, there are other factors to consider when comparing rural and urban living costs. A thorough examination of pros and cons will ensure you make an informed decision best suited to your lifestyle and budget constraints, regardless of where you choose to lay down roots.

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