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How to Use a Storage Locker When Moving

Moving can be a stressful process, but a storage locker can make it easier. Here's how to use storage services while you move.

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Every year, 40 million people move. That’s a lot of people figuring out how to sell their homes, break their leases, sell belongings, and coordinate travel from point A to point B. Many people have been catching on to the fact that using a storage locker during their move makes it easier to pull off, especially on short notice.

Those preparing for a move will find peace of mind in having a place to store their things if they accept a new but last-minute position, have to move quickly, or can’t decide on what to do with their things. This is especially true if you have a large house or apartment or have a small car with no ability to transport your things on your own.

This is even better if you don’t want to have to coordinate a moving truck right away. A storage locker makes the lives of movers a lot easier so keep reading to learn exactly how a storage locker can allow you to pull off your move with little to no planning.

Making Downsizing Easier to Handle

Some moves come with a lot of anxiety and downsizing is one of those influencing factors. Not only does downsizing take a lot of work if you have a lot of stuff, but it can also be difficult to part ways with certain things. Whether you have to comply with a very small amount of space for your move or you just want to make your move easier, downsizing isn’t always the easiest thing to do.

Getting a storage locker makes this process a lot simpler. Once you get a storage locker, you can place all of your items that you aren’t sure about taking right away into the locker. This will give you plenty of time to come back and go through your things at your own pace.

The best thing about this option is that storage lockers are fairly affordable and you can pick different-sized lockers to match your needs. Using self-storage options allows you to downsize in an easier way. It also allows you a lot of breathing room for as long as you need it.

The better feature of this is that people move at different times throughout the year. This means that there might be some seasonal items that you don’t need to move to your new city or general residence right away. Not only will this provide you with the opportunity to coordinate moving fewer items, but it will also allow you the opportunity to save as well.

Going At Your Own Pace

If you are renting a moving truck, or you are coordinating your move with professional movers, the fewer things you take on your initial trip, the smaller size moving truck and moving staff you will need to help you. Oftentimes, people experience stress from having to uproot their lives quickly or even if they have time, having to figure out how to pack, sell, and move the things that they already have.

Also, you have to consider that at least 80% of the millennials and Gen Z population use downsizing as a way to save money although boomers are more likely to downsize due to their previous space being too big.

This is one of the most popular reasons for any generation. Using a storage locker to pull off the move will allow you to not only save money but start off in your dream downsized space without feeling overwhelmed.

Using a Storage Locker for Space Saving at Its Finest

If you have a 1000 to 1500-square-foot home, this means that you have a good amount of space to fit a lot of stuff. Professional moving company movers could clear out this size home within only a few hours but doing it yourself could take days.

You could reduce that time if a lot of those things were going to a storage unit. This means less time that the movers will need to spend putting more items into the moving truck and strategizing how to place them.

If you aren’t sure exactly where you are moving just yet or if you are moving to a new location to rent first and buy later, you can use a storage locker to initially save space. This will allow you to not only coordinate your move with fewer things to think about, but it will also allow you to go into your new space clutter-free. If you go into a space with less clutter, you will be able to work your way into your new home without the rush.

Long-Term Use While You Get Things in Order

Have you thought about the fact that using a self-storage option will make for a good long-term use solution? Depending on the type of move you’re making and how quickly you need to make it, having a place to store even a quarter of your things will make the situation easier to navigate.

The good thing is that many self-storage companies allow you to pay month to month. Using a month-to-month option means you don’t have to commit. This can be comforting for a lot of people if they don’t want to pay significant fees.

This is especially true considering moves whether within short range or across the country from where you are, are already expensive. Not only is this a good long-term space option, but it’s also convenient.

It’s a cost-effective way to have a place to temporarily put your things regardless of how long you want to keep them there. You can also rest assured that your items will be protected since many self-storage companies provide security. Lots of security options will range from cameras on the property and even on-site security in some cases.

If you want to keep your items in these lockers long-term, many of them are customizable. Not only are they time-saving options but they are great space savers. Many of them will also have tech options and are climate controlled.

A Holding Place While You Out What to Sell

Garage sale postings significantly increase every year. If you have to coordinate a move, it can be a bit inconvenient if you have to also coordinate and run a garage sale. While garage sales don’t take too much coordination, it’s still something additional added to your list.

Instead of going with that option and having to advertise the sale, have strangers come to your home, and depending on how many people show up, use storage services. If you want to have a garage sale later, self-storage options allow you to do that.

Garage sales and selling your items, in general, can be a good way to make money for your move or to furnish your new space once you get there. However, it can help if you have a bit of time to come back and figure out what you want to sell before you go through a complete purge.

Considering Space

We already know that moving is hard enough, especially without help. Two of the most popular-sized self-storage units are 10 x 10 and 10 x 20. These two unit sizes make up more than 40% of people that are renting storage lockers.

The reason for this is due to space. One good thing about this option is that you can put a lot more in storage lockers than you might think. If you have motorcycles or other recreational equipment, these things will take up a lot of space in a moving truck.

They will also take up a lot of space in your vehicle or being hitched to it. Instead, using the storage locker will give you more than enough space to store what you might already have in your garage or the yard of your home.

What you should consider to make your move a bit easier on you is to pack meticulously. A better option would be to work with a residential moving company instead. Make sure you sort all of your belongings if you plan to use a storage locker as well so that when you come back to it it’s easier to know where everything is.

The beauty of using storage lockers for a long-distance move is that you don’t have to categorize anything if you don’t want to. It works as a space for you to store your items and you can decide what you need to do with them later.

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